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L'équipe AVEA Partners

Marie-Christine DUPONT - LEBLANC

Chemical Engineer, she has over 20 years experience in business; she is first Manager of R & D teams at Total and organization and strategy consultant for major industrial groups with multidisciplinary teams of high level.

Coach today, is a graduate of the third cycle Coaching Paris2; she develops a Balance Coaching Youth Outreach, among others at the Ecole Centrale Paris, and she accompanies individuals and corporate teams in change.

In 2017, Marie-Christine got the quality label ICPF-PSI certification.

She founded AVEA Partners, a network of coaches related to the professional development of persons to their success.


HEC Lausanne, he began his career by creating his internationalized trading company. Ten years after, he developed his audiovisual communication company who became his main activity, more aligned with his artistic aspirations.

He trained French and foreign professionals in communication skills.

Trained by Coachville-US, he helps people to develops their creative resources in business and in cultural and artistic environments.

He is an associate and co-founder member of AVEA Partners Network.

Robert RASMUSSEN - United States and Denmark

Managing Director and Chief Facilitator. A former employee of LEGO, Robert is a main architect of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. After several years and more than 20 iterations, he and his team developed the concept into the reproducible and robust methodology it is today. He is the master trainer in the LSP methodology.

Robert is co-principal for Rasmussen Consulting in US and in Denmark and on the advisory board for Rasmussen Consulting in Japan and Singapore. He is master trainer for the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. He has spent his career applying experiences and theories about play, learning, creativity and teaching business and organizational development.

He is a member of AVEA Partners Network.

Michel de TRUCHIS

Trained Business & Humanities (IDRAC, ESTC), he has been engaged for more than 20 years in food distribution at Picard and Carrefour as Director of stores networks and Human Resources.

Passionate by youth orientation and development of human beingrs inside companies, he operates counseling and training managers, especially in the agri-food sector. He also has activities for personal and collective development at Ecole Centrale Paris. Social entrepreneur, he created a fair trade business: trait d'ethique.

He is a member of AVEA Partners Network.

Christelle AMBLARD

Diplômée en tant que psychologue du travail (université Paris V), elle totalise plus de 17 années dans différentes entreprises. D’abord en tant que consultante pour accompagner les personnes dans leur connaissance de soi, de son potentiel et de ses talents puis dans sa réflexion, construction de son projet de vie personnel et professionnel (jeunes scolarisés, salariés et demandeurs d’emploi, tous niveaux de formation et métiers). Ces dernières années, elle a exercé dans un organisme de formation et a été manager à 2 reprises. Récemment elle s’est formée en complément à la sophrologie (titre reconnu au RNCP, IFS Paris) afin d’accompagner aussi les personnes dans la connaissance de soi, pour développer son potentiel, amplifier son bien-être et ainsi gérer sereinement les situations de la vie quotidienne.

Elle est membre du réseau AVEA Partners.


Graduate ESC - IPAG Paris, he developed a career of over twenty years in business. He began as Key Account Manager at Philips Consumer Electronics. He then held the position of Commercial Director and Associate Director within two SMEs, and became CEO of the French subsidiary of the German group Märklin GmbH for eight years.

Since 2010, he acts as a professional coach and trainer in the private sector or in companies.

MBSR Instructor approved by the Medical University of Massachusetts in 2011, practicing meditation for ten years, he offers training to raise awareness and understanding of stress.

He is a member of AVEA Partners Network.

Bertrand JACQUIN

With a Master degree in Applied Social Science in pocket, Bertrand starts his own career in HR Management.

He then moves to social professional coaching, firstly with young people then by managing a job house during 15 years. After an experience in training engineering in Belgium, he definitely turns to career guidance where he becomes an expert, either by providing various trainings to job seekers or designing skills assessments and 2nd career phase assessment delivered to employees.

Bertrand is a member of AVEA Network Partners Network.


De formation littéraire et musicale (Paris IV Sorbonne – CNSM), elle fait carrière dans les médias en tant que journaliste-reporter puis spécialiste des questions sociales, familiales, éducatives et humanitaires.Elle a travaillé sur l'image des associations comme sur celles des institutions de l'état, s'est exercée aux techniques de l'entretien, de l'écoute et de l'investigation, et totalise plus de 20 ans d'expérience en entreprise. Elle se spécialise dans les Sciences humaines et à leur extension dans le développement personnel, l'accompagnement et les thérapies.

Depuis plus de 10 ans elle est réalisatrice de documents audiovisuels culturels courts.

Elle est membre du réseau AVEA Partners


Graduate CNAM labor psychologist, he has more of 20 years experience in SMEs. After practicing technical and administrative team leadership, he refocused its activity on the Human Resources Consulting.

He supports men and women in their professional development and change management. He operates in advising companies, organizations and institutions in the areas of skills development and the prevention of psychosocial risks.

He is an associate member of AVEA Partners Network.

Certifications des membres du réseau :

  • Tests d'intérêts et motivations Station spatiale, IRMR, Strong
  • Indicateur de personnalité MBTI niveaux 1 et 2
  • Test Belbin sur les rôles préférentiels en équipe
  • Analyse systémique, PNL, AT